Pannellum 1.2

With a few new features, a few improvements, and a bug fix, Pannellum 1.2 has been released. The new release includes keyboard panning controls, support for a fallback URL if WebGL is not supported by a browser, clarified load button text, and vector icons. Also included is a workaround for a, now resolved, regression in WebKit’s fullscreen API support. Enjoy!

Update: Pannellum 1.2.1 has been released with a fix for a minor mouse dragging bug.

The new release can be downloaded here, or one can see the project on Github.

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3 Responses to Pannellum 1.2

  1. MarkS says:

    The sphericam (kickstarter launch) allows users to get video in equirectangular form (I hope;)).
    Is there a way to modify this to take equirectangular projected video rather than a still image ?

  2. MarkS says:

    Check out this approach – I think its flash based but he has equirectangular video workign quite well.. wish it was webgl ;-)

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