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Quadcopter Landing Skids

One of my quadcopters recently had a hard landing that broke its landing skids. The skids that came with the frame kit consisted of 5mm carbon rods with flimsy plastic joints, and the crash broke both. I decided to replace … Continue reading

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Scanner Modifications to Scan Large Documents

Your average consumer scanner works well for scanning normal printed or handwritten documents, usually anything up to Letter or A4 size. For something a bit larger, say Legal or Tabloid size, one can try to scan the document in segments, … Continue reading

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Kindle Weather Display

Ever since I first learned about electronic paper, I’ve thought it would be perfect to display some sort of regularly updated, but not real-time, data such as the current date, an agenda, or the weather forecast. Unfortunately, e-paper displays have … Continue reading

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Canon PowerShot SD400 Infrared Cut-off Filter Removal

Silicon, in the form of a digital camera image sensor, is sensitive to near-infrared light. However, digital cameras use a cut-off filter to block these wavelengths. Removing this filter makes the camera sensitive to near-infrared, and replacing it with a … Continue reading

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